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In-home assistance

Non-Medical, Homecare Services Provided by R.G.U.S., Inc.

The non-medical, homecare services offered by R.G.U.S., Inc. are specifically designed to keep our clients comfortable. Whether you have a loved one that’s chosen to age in place or someone with disabilities, often, hiring a homecareaide is one of the best ways to ensure they receive the care they need while enjoying the comforts of their own home.

The licensed and trained homecare aides from R.G.U.S., Inc. do much more than simply keep an eye on your loved ones. Their job is to make the life of the person you care for easier.

As one of the leading homecare agencies, our services are quite comprehensive. When you work with one of our compassionate homecare aides, here are some of the things you can expect:

Our Homecare Services

Our homecare aides are trained to provide light housekeeping services to make your homebound loved one’s daily routine easier. Below you’ll find some of the most common duties the team at R.G.U.S., Inc. performs.

  • Laundry:For elderly or disabled family members, cleanliness is paramount, especially if they have limited mobility and are unable to perform basic cleaning duties on their own. That’s why the homecareaides from R.G.U.S., Inc. are trained to change sheets when needed and wash clothes and other belongings and ensure a sanitary environment.
  • Grocery Shopping& Errands:For those with special needs, shopping can become quite a burden. Ourhomecare aidescan run to the store to make certain your loved one has healthy food to eat. They’ll also stop by the pharmacy to pick up medications!
  • Companionship: The compassionate staff from R.G.U.S., Inc. will also be able to provide much-needed companionship, taking your loved one for a walk or visiting their friends with them.
  • Medication Reminders: Those with special needs are often be required to take medicine at specific times of the day. The staff from R.G.U.S., Inc. will remind them to do so, ensuring it’s the right medication for the corresponding day.
  • Meal Preparation & Cooking: Although you might not find any 5-star chefs on the R.G.U.S., Inc. team, our homecare aides can prepare meals and cook. For those with special needs, it’s extremely important to stay well-hydrated and eat balanced meals. Our team ensures that this happens every day!

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